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I have nothing to say

It’s true, I don’t. I’m currently in the process of packing up my house which I will begin renting in a month. I was just accepted into a teaching program for our 49th state. Looking forward to preparing for that and finding an actual job with a district. That’s about it. Exciting times…


I’m currently applying for a job. I’ve never applied for a government job before, have you? I am amazed at the paperwork. My application submission ended up being an entire binder. Crazy. Then there are the standardized tests. It’s great dealing with the bureaucracy of these testing institutions. They screwed up my score report. It’s fun arguing with them on the phone. The supervisor refused to admit he was wrong. Then at the end he saw the light. I got a refund and an apology. However, there is still no guarantee that I will get my report in to the gov’t agency on time. This is a bummer. Hopefully they will be forgiving.

I’m destined for this job. I can taste it.

In the meantime, I take off today to the folks’ house for Turkey Day.


What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for a great place to live, new career prospects, a loving family, and my health.

Shopping Spree

That’s right, Sierra Trading Post is offering a massive Black Friday shopping spree. Go to the website to enter. I love this website – I do all of my gear shopping there, as well as sweaters, shoes, boots, coats, etc…they rock. Check it out! Hey, they ship overseas too, so don’t be put off if you’re not in North America!

Need to get back into it….

I’ve been lame about keeping up with this. I just don’t think I’m the sort that can think of something to say every single day (or week!). Especially now that I am home and unemployed and not doing anything interesting!

I am keeping up with my budget. I still haven’t spent money on groceries except for 1.29 on a pint of milk from the gas station. I also bought a pack of beer for 8.99 which comes out of my “entertainment fund”. NOT BAD! Starting Sunday this will bring my budget up to $75 for the week, but that is too much to spend. What’s interesting is digging through your cupboards and the depths of fridge and freezer and coming up with creative meals that use up ingredients on hand. I have eaten quite well the past couple of weeks, and eaten (for the most part) more healthfully. I think my favorite has to be the homemade pizza – the dough turned out really well and of course cost mere cents to make. I need to be careful with my egg usage though – my cholesterol could well be through the roof!

I started to buckle down with my Praxis studies. I’ll be taking the exam next Tuesday as any later and I don’t know if the results will make it for the application deadline. I took a practice exam (math portion) yesterday and passed comfortably, though who knows if it was a fluke. I need to go back and study some more algebra and geometry now. It’s tough getting back into it as the last time I took a math class was in 1986! Most people taking this test are coming straight from college and so it must be a breeze. Lucky young ‘uns.

I’m really looking forward to this career change. Although it will be a bit of an upheaval to move across the country, I’m excited to do it. It’s funny when I mention to people that I’m applying for a job in Alaska the first thing they always mention is “How will you survive the cold???”. As if this is something which is insurmountable! I actually think people think I am crazier to move to Alaska than to Baghdad. I’m not sure I really understand the reaction. I admit I’m not used to the cold anymore, but when I moved to Cambodia 17 years ago I did not like the heat! It’s amazing how your body can make adjustments, and I’m a big believer in mind over matter.

I think the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Alaska is the natural beauty. Not cold! Cold is probably number 5 on the list for me regarding thoughts of that place. 😀

Regardless, looking back on this past year and how dreadful it was in so many ways due to my job, I am thankful for it as it gave me the push I needed to make a real change with my career. I think I would have floated about doing the same thing for the rest of my life – and felt quite unsatisfied doing it – had I not hit that level of “fed-upness”. I will miss being overseas, but hey, that’s what summer holidays are for. Trips abroad! 🙂

Time to get back to my friend algebra. Hello friend….


Well, I’ve only spent $10.32 this week, and so far none of it on food. Not bad eh? Nothing like using up leftovers…
I still haven’t made my curd or bread. I’ve been lazy. Actually I’ve been sick. And my kitchen has needed cleaning. Now that sickness and cleaning are over, perhaps I’ll get a bit busy.

I’ve been really knuckling down on getting my teaching application sorted. I’m just waiting on transcripts now, and will take the Praxis next week. So I’m revising algebra. Oh, what I have forgotten since I was 15!

Am also planning a trip to Canada to see a friend. Am looking forward to it. Strangely I have never been to the great land up north! So close and yet so far…

And dat’s all folks!

Today’s Makings

I’m going to make homemade bread and lemon curd today. Because I don’t have any white bread and I have a bunch of lemons that will go off if I don’t start using them.

My week started yesterday, and so far I have spent zero money. 😀 That is easy though as I am using up my food purchased from last week – so not like I am being a genius or anything. So far I have been subsisting on liverwurst sandwiches (which I love with a passion), homemade soup that I froze last week, and I roasted a chicken today. I’m hoping the chicken will give me about 3 more meals in terms of salad and soup.

I’ll let you know how the bread and curd turn out.